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We celebrate and
empower Black  women

entrepreneurs in years 0-5 of their venture who are disrupting industries, breaking barriers, and making their mark. Our Baddie community is a hub for fierce womenbusiness owners who are unapologetically chasing their dreams and rewriting the rules. Join us as we redefine what it means to be a Baddie in the business world.

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A Resource Every Baddie Needs

This resource will give you the 10 power moves every Baddie needs to uplevel their life and business.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, connect, and amplify Black women in business. We provide a national network for sharing our unapologetic stories, knowledge, and resources, fostering a supportive ecosystem where Baddies can thrive. 

Our dream is to create a network of support, connection, and love for Black women. We want them to have the confidence and support system to engage in a mass exodus from organizations and businesses that do not value us. By showcasing a diversity of entrepreneurial diverse perspectives and celebrating the journeys of BADDtrailblazing women, we aim to empower a new generation of leaders and change-makers..

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Core Values


Unapologetic Authenticity: We believe that Black women should never have to apologize for how they take up space and show up in the world. We invite every Baddie to show up in a way that is true to them. We believe that embracing our true selves allows us to make a genuine impact and inspire others to do the same.


Grace: We constantly remind one another to have honor where we are on our journey. No two individuals have the same path, and we can not compare ours to theirs. Instead, we celebrate how far we have come to embrace where we have to go. 


Community: We foster a vibrant online, and in-person, community that celebrates every aspect, and type, of the Black woman, where they can connect, collaborate, and learn from one another. Black women, and people are not a monolith, and our space honors the diversity of experiences, thought, and perspectives. 


Growth: We are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of our community as they navigate the first five years of their business. We provide access to social capital through speakers, educational resources, funding opportunities, and tools to help every Baddie make it out of infancy stage..

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Baddies with
Business   Podcast

Tune in to the Baddies with Business podcast, where our Founder, Malliron Hodge, digs into candid conversations with remarkable Black women on their entrepreneurial journey. Join as each featured Baddie shares their tears, cheers, challenges, and learnings as they navigate building their startup businesses.  


Keep your pen handy because each episode is sure to leave you with valueable gems, valuable insights, actionable advice, and inspiration to fuel your own entrepreneurial journey.

Check out this month's featured Baddie

Through their mission to unapologetically advocate for Black farmers and youth,  they’re not just running a business – they’re fostering a movement. Getting Into The B.A.G means supporting a mission that goes beyond profits, reaching into the hearts of communities, empowering youth, and advocating for our hardworking farmers.

Brielle is the Co-Founder of The Farmers BAG 

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Join the Movement

Are you a Black woman with an idea for a business or have been in business for up to five years? Ready to join a community of bold, fierce, and ambitious women who are unapologetically pursuing their dreams? Connect with fellow Baddies, access valuable resources, and get inspired on your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we'll conquer new heights and rewrite the rules of business.

Join the Baddies with Businesses movement today!

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