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Transformational Leadership
and Liberation


Leadership Models

Malliron has over a decade of experience in the education nonprofit sector with a specific ficus on community engagement, higher education, human-centered design, and education entrepreneur coaching. She has worked with various organizations from large scale nonprofits like the Obama Foundation to community orgs like Village of Wisdom.  She spends her days fulfilling her passion for early idea coaching and human-centered design through her consulting and sharing stories of, community.

She has a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Winston-Salem State University, and a Masters in Public Affairs from Indiana University with a concentration in Nonprofit Management, and a certificate in Social Entrepreneurship. 

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MLH Consulting specializes in


Commitment to Inclusive Design

Malliron, a dedicated design thinking strategist, facilitator, and coach, is a guiding light for organizations seeking to bridge the gap with their BIPOC communities. Her expertise lies in the art of co-design, the power of storytelling, and the essential harmony between needs and solutions.


Malliron's unwavering commitment is to empower you, or your community, with the knowledge to make intentional and thoughtful decisions that resonate deeply with those you serve. She is relentless in ensuring that every step of the journey is marked by the profound sense of being heard, seen, appreciated, and valued, creating a transformative experience that drives true inclusivity and meaningful change.

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